Aiyino Mens Summer Casual V-neck Button Cuffs Cardigan Short Sleeve T-Shirts

  • 100% cotton
  • Aiyino has registered US Trademark “Aiyino”,Reg.No.5086170. This item is only provided by Aiyino and did not authorize any second stores to sell our items. Aiyino only guarantee our quality, we do not guarantee the quality of other sellers.
  • long sleeve & shorts sleeve shirts more options.
  • All buttons are just for decoration,sewn shut, not unbotton.
  • US size,100% Cotton,do not tumble dry;dry out naturally ,avoid shrinkage.
  • Comfortable and slim fit casual wear, neck & cuff with contrast color fashion personality

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As you see that is the V neck , with button decration, these buttons are just for descration, can not open. White shirt and black buttons like the chess pieces , which is a wonderful design.

The material is 100%Cotton, super soft ,will not fade. Cotton clothing allows your skin to breathe.
The polybagging is customazied by Aiyino.